Cigar Ash Seasoning - General Spice

Cigar Ash Mercenary BBQ Dry Rub and Seasoning is an all-around sweet smokey pepper spice for eggs, casseroles, potato salad, nachos, grilled veggies, chicken, seafood, and anything else you might put hot sauce on. Mercenary Barbecue Cigar Ash Dry Rub for sale in 4 oz. and 8 oz. is blended and bottled in the USA.

Available in 4oz. or 8oz.

Cigar Ash Dry Rub Ingredients: sweet smoked paprika, salt, ground chipotle, a blend of other herbs and spices. All natural no added preservatives.

Mercenary Barbecue is a veteran-owned business blended and bottled in the USA.

Product not evaluated by the FDA.

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